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Radiology Technician Salary

What To Expect For A Radiology Technician Salaries

Working in medicine does not necessarily mean becoming a doctor or nurse. While these professions are well respected and they provide a nice income, there are many positions in a medical center or hospital that are just as important. Doctors often need the help of other professionals to make a diagnosis. Some of the most common diagnostic tests are x-rays, which require the expertise of an individual trained to use the equipment and administer certain types of injections. A radiology technician salary may not be in the six-digit range, but it can provide a comfortable living once one becomes more experienced.


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Radiology technician salaries usually start at $29K annually for those with less than a year of experience, and in some areas, one can start out making significantly more in an entry level position. This increases substantially as one gains more experience and further education in the field. One must have at least a career diploma, certification, or Associates degree to enter the field, and this can be obtained through vocational school or college. Most community colleges offer programs in this major, but some people may be in a more secluded location or cannot meet with ground classes at the scheduled times. For people in this predicament, there are career schools that offer course work in the subject either by online classes or distance learning.

In order to earn a higher radiology technician pay one should consider taking more classes after earning his or her initial certification. Those who intend to progress to a supervisory position or teach others in the field should obtain a four year degree as well. A radiology tech salary can increase to as much as $80K or more for those with over a decade of experience. However, the professionals who make this much have completed at least an undergraduate degree. While this profession does not bring extreme wealth, salaries for radiology technician are certainly part of the incentive to enter this career field. With continued education and experience, one can expect to earn a generous income while working in a well respected and very necessary medical profession.




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Radiology Technician Salary:

The average salaries for radiology technician is around $53,240. Learn more about Radiology Technician Salaries.

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