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Radiology Technician Jobs

Facts About Rad Tech jobs

First discovered in 1895 and used in a limited fashion, x-rays are now widely known as a cornerstone of twenty-first century medicine. A radiographer or radiological technician refers to a licensed professional in the medical field who administers metered doses of ionizing radiation to individuals with certain cancers. These procedures are performed with a goal of eliminating malignant cells and tumors. Additionally, those employed as radiology technicians generate images of patients' bodies for the purpose of assisting radiologists in the treatment and diagnosis of numerous injuries or illnesses. Radiology tech jobs can be found in private practices, long term care institutions, clinical labs, or general or surgical hospitals. Other terms often used to describe such work include x-ray tech jobs or rad tech jobs.

Employment Facts

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that job openings in the field of radiology are expected to grow faster than average, and those with the appropriate skills and the highest levels of education will be those who benefit from the best employment opportunities. One must obtain formal training from a university, college, or hospital education program in order to be considered for employment. State-specific licensing and requirements are mandatory throughout most of the country and these will vary considerably from state to state. Generally, such positions are primarily found in hospitals; however, an increasing number of radiologic technologist jobs will be available in doctors' offices and diagnostic facilities, as well. As advances are made in the field of medical technology, such procedures are becoming more practical and less costly to acquire on an outpatient basis.


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Job Outlook

Faster than average growth in this field is anticipated, and individuals with the skills to perform multiple procedures will benefit from the best employment opportunities. Specifically, a 17 percent increase is expected for the field of radiography between 2012 and 2018.

In addition to general employment growth, job openings will continue to rise from the need to replace medical professionals who are approaching retirement age. Those well educated in multiple procedures will find a higher number of opportunities in the field, as employers attempt to control expenses by choosing candidates who are able to multi-task.

Salary and Wages

Radiology technician jobs are typically associated with substantial salaries; however, specific wages will vary depending on the area of the country and type of facility in which one chooses to pursue employment. As of May 2008, yearly wages for radiology technicians averaged $52,950. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $35,900, and at the scale's high end, the top 10 percent earned over $74,990.



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Radiology Technician Jobs

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The average salaries for radiology technician is around $53,240. Learn more about Radiology Technician Salary.

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