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Radiology Technician Schools

Radiology Technician Salary


Radiology Technician Salaries Data:

Lowest Salaries $35,700
Average Salaries $53,240
Highest Salaries $75,440

Radiology Technician Salary by Industry:

Hospitals $54,770
Offices of Physicians $50,860
Medical Laboratories $57,250
Outpatient Care Centers $52,950

Salary data from OES 2009 Survey Program.

What To Look For In Radiology Technician Schools

Pursuing a career in radiology can open many career opportunities for your future. Students interested in this field can enroll in any number of radiology technician schools. There are radiology technology schools located in many states across the country. In addition, many top universities and colleges offer radiology technician courses within their health programs. Some of these universities include DeVry University, Jones International University, Penn Foster College, Virginia College, American Intercontinental University and more. You can take advantage of these programs to receive the training you need to advance in this career.

The radiology field is a rapidly advancing branch of the medical profession. When perusing radiologic technologist schools, carefully study their curricula to ensure they offer comprehensive training for the profession you are interested in pursuing. Not all xray tech schools are the same when it comes to the courses and training you will receive. Some schools may offer training that is more extensive in specific areas of radiology for more specialized jobs. By comparing the courses offered by various radiology technology schools and researching your options, you stand a better chance of finding the best institute for you. read more

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Radiology Technician Education

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There are various degree options you can pursue in radiology. The most basic of these is the associates degree, which corresponds to receiving the minimum amount of training required to find a job in this field. With this degree, you would be very limited in the education and preparation required to advance into a successful future in this field. Most students interested in the field of radiology will complete either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in order to qualify for a higher salary. Along with better pay, you will acquire specialized training that gives you greater job options to choose from. You will also be better prepared to develop your talents and skills for the future.

Before enrolling in a radiologic technician school or program, you should do some research into the academic requirements for this field to make sure you qualify for this type of education. Studying to become a radiology technician requires great commitment and determination, regardless of whether you choose a campus or online program. Your choice of school can also determine the quality of education you receive and your eventual employment opportunities. A radiology school or university that is accredited and rated with a high professional standard of education will open doors for a more promising career in this field.

Some courses you can expect to encounter in a radiography school include use of x-ray machines, x-ray techniques, CT scanning, MRI training, radiation physics and protection, radio biology, pathology, anatomy, patient care, etc.

A career in radiology can be interesting and exciting if this is the right field for you. It is a competitive field, which requires a good deal of study and dedication. However, it can be a very rewarding line of work as it provides a service that helps others while you receive good financial benefits.



Radiology Technician Schools

Radiology Technician Schools

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Radiology Technician Schools

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Radiology Technician Salary:

The average salaries for radiology technician is around $53,240. Learn more about Radiology Technician Salary.

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